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If you're interested in helping transform the way vacation and business travelers experience travel, then a career with us may be right for you.

Anchors Away Travel is passionate about travel and our people are dedicated to helping our clients travel better. We recognize that the best way to fulfill our mission to help more travelers is by helping each of our employees succeed through supporting them in their careers. We know that we can't succeed if each of our employees is not recognized and valued for the individual contributions they make.

If Anchors Away Travel agency sounds like a fit with your career goals, please contact Kelly Reeve Furtado via the contact form below.






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Kelly Furtado

Bristol, RI
Anchors Away Travel - Fun Family Travel For All

I became a Travel Agent because of one very simple fact: I LOVE TO TRAVEL WITH MY FAMILY. I have always enjoyed researching a new destination, planning the schedule details and finding the perfect match for whatever type of experience we are looki...
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